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: Don’t Make Your Computer Mouse Your Work Enemy

Don’t Make Your Computer Mouse Your Work Enemy

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I had surgery on my right hand four years ago. After several years of pain and many attempts to fix the issues on my own, I went to a hand surgeon. The result was a reconstructive surgery to remove a cyst, fix nerve endings, and restore feeling in my little finger. All of this because of my incorrect use of a computer mouse!

When the surgeon noted that he "has never seen a hand this old on somebody this young," I realized how important it is to use a computer mouse properly. Most of us, especially people with office jobs, spend so much of our days in front of our computers. We grip the mouse for too long and too tightly. I did it for years, and my computer mouse became my enemy. Let's look at several tips on proper wrist posture and computer mouse use so it does not happen to you.

Wrist posture …

No matter what kind of computer mouse use you, the optimal position for your hand is to keep your wrist neutral-no bending or tilting up or to the side. The image below will give you a visual of this tip.



Hand posture …

A computer mouse is surely going nowhere without your hand so hold onto it gently as you move it over a surface.

Your whole forearm should be engaged while moving a mouse around. Make controlled mouse movements using your elbow as the pivot point and keep your wrist straight and neutral.

Ensure that the blood in your wrist is properly circulating by keeping your wrist in the air. The wrist area has exposed blood vessels near the skin, and pressure in this area can disrupt circulation into the hand.

Be picky about your mouse. You should choose a design that fits your hand. Look for options that are as flat as possible to reduce write extension.

My personal experience is a driving force for a better care for my hands. I also realize that I will most likely spend many more hours in front of my computer. Hence, I will keep using a computer mouse. The tips above have helped me, and I hope they will help you.


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