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: Another Reason to Join that Adult Softball Team…

Another Reason to Join that Adult Softball Team…

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I was an athlete in high school, but when I went to college, my participation in sports dramatically waned. Luckily for me, my current home of Washington, D.C., has a burgeoning social sports culture--all sorts of sports (from bocce to soccer to softball) played at a variety of levels and often played in view of the incredible monument-scape that we live around, or on the National Mall itself. And so last year I weaseled my way onto a softball team, and it's been great!

 I am pretty excited to be playing softball again, but before you take this post as a silly story about adults running around like kids, let me assert that my enjoyment is more than just nostalgic throwback. Participating in sports, at any age, is a boost to not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health (or as some will say, social health). In addition, participating in social sports can increase your health outcomes to a greater degree than simple physical activity alone.

Many people are aware that exercise is a great way to improve your mood and reduce stress, but being involved in team sports is beneficial on top of the regular endorphin-induced stress relief. According to the Livestrong Foundation, "not only can increased social interaction reduce stress and increase your mood, playing sports reduces social isolation and allows you an opportunity to make new friends and forget your worries while having fun with others."

That description may seem a little sterile, but it's absolutely true! Although it can feel difficult to meet new people when you aren't in school anymore, joining a team automatically gives you something in common and serves as a jumping off point for making friends.

Not only are social sports… well… social, but playing on a team brings a certain sense of accomplishment that can actually boost your self-image and self-esteem! There have even been meta-analyses done that show adults who participate in team sports enjoy better mental health and life satisfaction than those who exercise at a gym or solo.

Have I convinced you yet? Now is a great time to take advantage of your local social sporting leagues and to start reaping the myriad benefits of playing team sports! My teams might still have space!

If you live in D.C. too you can check out as a starting point for picking teams to join.

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