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: Drinking Water: Reaping the Benefits and Building Good Habits

Drinking Water: Reaping the Benefits and Building Good Habits

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The benefits of drinking water are an often discussed topic in the media. We're told to drink up because it's good for weight loss, it will clear up our skin, and more. Do an Internet search on the topic and you'll find countess reasons why you should drink more water.

But after all of that, here's the bottom line: water is essential for every single cell in our bodies; it facilitates absorption of nutrients and helps expel toxins. We feel energized when we drink the water our body needs. If we don't drink enough water, our bodies retain it to conserve resources.

I am notoriously bad at drinking the suggested amount of eight cups a day. I rarely feel thirsty, and hearing, "drink your water!" from my friends is almost a daily occurrence. As we are all now enjoying spring, spending more time outside and being active, it is vital to understand what drinking water does for us.

Here are the two benefits I most often come across: 

Although I understand the importance of the above, I find it hard to develop a habit out of drinking water. I can go a whole afternoon without a sip of water and then feel tired in the evening. If you are like me, check out the tips below:

  • At work …
    • Fill a cup of water at the same time you make your morning coffee and then drink regularly with every snack or meal.
    • Use a paper cup, and every time you finish it, make a note with a marker of how many cups you have had that day.
  • At home or on the go …
    • Become best friends with a re-fillable bottle and carry it everywhere you go.
    • Place water bottles around your home so they are a constant reminder as you go about your activities.

The health of our body and of our mind is affected by how much water we consume. As they say, the more, the better … so, raise your glass and drink up!


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