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: Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: Day 1 Why HAWMC?

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: Day 1 Why HAWMC?

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Health activists come in all different forms. And here at MMG, we consider ourselves to be more than just your garden variety health activist. We advocate for patients because we want to help them to take the best care of themselves, and we want the best care to be provided to them. We are activists in that we advocate for clinical research because we know how important it is to advance science through clinical studies.


We advocate for public health because we understand that promoting wellness, awareness, and prevention makes for a healthier, better educated population. We advocate for improved health literacy because we know that a significant barrier to improved health is the inability to understand health information.


So this month, we're planting ourselves firmly in the camp of health activism and are participating in the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge, sponsored by WEGO Health. The challenge? Write 30 posts-one for each day in April-about health and health activism in response to pre-selected prompts. Our posts will appear as blog posts, here on the Healthyist, on Facebook, or on Twitter @MMGHealth.


When we launched this blog last summer, it was our hope that we could engage an audience with a wide breadth of deep knowledge and understanding of health care, including public health, health challenges, and health communications. We enjoy talking to our readers from impassioned standpoints regarding health care disparities, pending health care legislation, and health literacy. Likewise, we enjoy sharing our more lighthearted side and discussing nutrition and our proclivity to wear blue beanies around the office.


We're excited to help spread the word about health activism, as well as clinical research and health communication. Follow us throughout the month using #HAWMC on Twitter, and share your thoughts and ideas with us! Stay tuned for a recap of our 30 posts in 30 days!

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