Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

: Breaking Through the Noise with Great Messaging and Superior Content

Breaking Through the Noise with Great Messaging and Superior Content

Our business is to educate, motivate, and engage our target audiences. The audience shifts depending on the project or program on which we are working, but the goal remains the same. The good news is we can leverage our resources and be hyper-targeted in our efforts to reach that audience. But what makes them stop what they are doing for a few minutes to listen to us? Why should they listen to us and not someone else? Every day, those people we are trying to reach with our messages are seeing messages from hundreds of other places. It's not easy to break through the noise and be heard. 


Communication platforms are merging together more than ever before, and it's becoming increasingly important for us to consider that when developing strategies and tactics. Figuring out how to do this is critically important to our success as health communicators.


According to Nielson data, nearly half of connected device owners "second screen" while watching TV every day. This means that while they are watching TV, many people are also using a laptop to search the Internet or post on Facebook. Many add a third screen and use their phone or another device as well. The notion of second and third screen highlights today's disjointed and complex media consumption experience. This shift has been brought about by Smartphone and tablets, the changing habits of the digital worker, and too many mobile manufacturers to count. To reach our target audiences when their attention is being diverted by numerous screens is a challenge. But this challenge is also what makes working on health communication today so exciting. We will-we must-continue to rethink our approach for a multiscreen environment in order to deliver relevant messages that will bring value to our clients.  


Meanwhile, as the health care industry shifts further into a model of patient-centered care, we must figure out how to best reach more empowered patients.

Patient -centric

We must remember that content is king. Our messages must resonate with our target audience, which means we need to understand our audience better than ever. This isn't just a nice idea-it is a necessary step in creating high-quality content that works-for the patients and also our clients.


As we strategize how to best approach these converging platforms, we must remember that content is what is going to brand us as true communication leaders. Our experience and perspectives fuel our thinking and empower our strategies, regardless of whether we are executing on a public health campaign or supporting all phases of a clinical trial. Our experience also enables us to provide content that is relevant, has stopping power, and is meaningful to the audience. Why will anyone pay attention to our message when they have more data and information available to them than they can possibly handle? The goal is to create messages and creative concepts that cut through all those other messages to reach, inform, and educate our target audience.


We will continue to establish and refine our strategies, manage our programs, and evaluate our results. We will continue to develop great content to share. And we will continue to keep the patient in mind and remember that if we want them to respond to our message, we have to make it worth their time.

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