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Chagas and Benznidazole: A Treatment that Started Out as a Donation

One year ago, the Healthyist wrote about how Ebola could potentially bring much needed attention to the FDA's priority review voucher program (PVR) if it was added to WHO's list of neglected tropical diseases (NTD). As strange as it seems, the PVR law has come back into the limelight via another extremely serious disease, Chagas. Unlike Ebola, Chagas (American Trypanosomiasis) isalready classified by WHO as a NTD. When a disease is categorized as a NTD, it generally affects a large… [Read More]

Can the Ebola Outbreak Improve the PVR Law?

As Facebook newsfeeds are flooded with statuses about how, "More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have Ebola in the US," it would seem sensibility has prevailed over mass World War Z Zombie panic, as I like to call it.  (Side note-WWZ is a great book to read about the mindset behind international disease epidemics.) Although the U.S. population has cooled down in their panic about the few diagnosed patients on the mainland, the disease is still very real in countrie… [Read More]
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