Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Electronic Medical Records: They’re Not Just for Doctors!

When you think of medical records, you probably think of file folders at your doctor's office filled with his or her chicken-scratch handwriting--documents that are highly unlikely to be useful or relevant to you as a patient. A few years ago, you'd be right. Now, with the advent of electronic records, all that is slowly changing and we as patients have a lot to be excited about. With the increased prevalence of digital data storage and Internet access, many health care practices ar… [Read More]

Responsibility for Good Doctor-Patient Communication Lies with Both Doctors and Patients

In a world where people are habitually trying to fit more responsibility into the same amount of hours--hours during which they are constantly connected to the world through mobile devices and other forms of technology--multitasking and disengagement in the present are becoming more of a new social norm. But what if this is the case when individuals are visiting their doctors? Are you engaged? As we know, communication is a two way street. How many times have you found yourself si… [Read More]

How Health Care Providers Can Help Patients Manage Fear

Being diagnosed with a life-altering disease is no easy experience. In the case of cancer, fear is often one of the first things a person experiences upon receiving a diagnosis. There's a blank moment and then the realization of how one's life may change sinks in and fear takes over, often for a long time. Many people don't really recall what was said during the discussion after hearing the diagnosis. Communicating about fear is also no easy task. The diagnosis often indicates profou… [Read More]


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