Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Living Longer and Prospering in Costa Rica (Pura Vida)

Clint Borgen, founder and president of the Borgen Project once said "When overseas you learn more about your own country, than you do the place you're visiting." I could not agree with this sentiment more. I travel a great deal. It is my personal mission to travel outside of the United States at least once or twice a year. And when I do, I always learn something about this country that can only be seen from the vantage of another country where people live and act differently than they d… [Read More]

When a Health Communicator Goes on Vacation: Examining Health Care in Central America

I've been lucky enough to travel to some really awesome locations in the past few years. Every time I go somewhere new, I can't help but put my health communicator hat on and do a little bit of investigating into how health care works-or often, how it doesn't work-around the world. Just last week, I spent six glorious days in Belize. It's an absolutely stunning country, and I was fortunate enough to get to spend time in both the rainforest exploring the jungle and at the beach loungi… [Read More]

A Different Kind of Mobile Health—Portable Education Kits in Rural Nicaragua

In March of this year, my mom, Dixie Havlak, a registered dietician, went on an 11-day trip to the rural river regions of Nicaragua to share nutritional and other public health knowledge with the local communities.  We typically think of mobile health as technology-driven interventions, but this project was centered around portable plastic boxes filled with a variety of educational materials. To learn more about the project, I conducted this Q&A session.   Tell me … [Read More]


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