Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Getting the “Gist” of a Medical Conversation is NOT Enough!

Through the fault of none-or perhaps the fault of many- non-English speakers in the United States often experience miscommunication regarding their health care. To improve services to these patients, it's important to engage in a deeper discussion to understand each patient and to address their health from a linguistic and cultural point of view.   Linguistics   For the purposes of this post, let's focus on Spanish-speaking patients. According to 2011 estimates fro… [Read More]

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: Day 12: Hindsight

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say?   What would I tell myself if I could go back in time to the day I was diagnosed with asthma? Easy-make an appointment with a specialist-do it now!   I was diagnosed with asthma as a child, but until recently, I had never visited a specialist.   When I did visit an allergy and asthma specialist, I already knew that my asthma was usually trigge… [Read More]

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: Day 1 Why HAWMC?

Health activists come in all different forms. And here at MMG, we consider ourselves to be more than just your garden variety health activist. We advocate for patients because we want to help them to take the best care of themselves, and we want the best care to be provided to them. We are activists in that we advocate for clinical research because we know how important it is to advance science through clinical studies.   We advocate for public health because we understand tha… [Read More]


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