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Trimming the Fat? The Weighty Issue of Obesity in the United States

For the first time in three decades, adult obesity rates in the United States have NOT increased. According to the F as in Fat 2013 report from Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, obesity rates among adults in every state except for Arkansas leveled out last year, and we've fallen to number 2 for obesity rates worldwide behind Mexico, which sports an adult obesity rate of 32.8 percent; our rate is 31.8 percent.   But that's pretty much where t… [Read More]

Nutrition Label Confusion and Why My Mom Believes “All Natural” Actually Means All Natural

Disclaimer: My mom is one smart cookie, and rarely gets fooled. (Get it? Cookie. It's a nutritional blog post.)   As a recent marketing grad (yes, we have entered the workforce and are coming for you), I live for trying to spin phrases or use buzzwords to make a product sound revolutionary. Buzzwords play a huge role in attracting attention, but sadly they can also be used to skew consumer perceptions of packaging-confusing them at best and outright misleading them at worst. T… [Read More]

The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks and the Evolution of Informed Consent

For more than half a century, cells from an ordinary woman have made some extraordinary scientific discoveries, helping to aid research that ranged from the polio vaccine to Parkinson's disease. That woman was Henrietta Lacks and her tumor cells were the source of the HeLa cell line.   Despite the significant contribution to science resulting from her cells, neither Henrietta Lacks, nor her family, had any idea that her cells would be used for research. Thus, her case has l… [Read More]


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