Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Teaching My Kids About Healthy Food … and Getting Them to Eat it Too

A lot about this parenting gig is unclear. There are often no right answers to our questions, or, more specifically, there are often no right answers to the questions our kids have. As we muddle along, we make choices--hopefully good ones. My daughter was finishing preschool when she asked me this question: Mama, what's better for you, a carrot or a banana? As I tried to explain to her that carrots and bananas each have their own fabulous nutritional benefits, she interrupted me (as 5-y… [Read More]

Communicating in a Changing Health Care Landscape

In the United States, people go to the doctor's office. Often. For all kinds of reasons. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2009 and 2010, there were 1.2 billion visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient, and emergency departments.   People living in the United States come from all over the world, and they come from all kinds of cultural, linguistic, and political backgrounds. Although English is the prevalent language, health c… [Read More]

The Heart of Health Literacy: Motivating People to Act

Why should anyone do something we ask them to do?   This question is at the heart of health communications. As health communicators, it is our job to convince patients, doctors, the general public, or whatever audience we're talking to, that what we are asking them to do is the right thing for them to do. And the key to that is in communicating the "why."   When we communicate about health, we must seek to better understand the thoughts and emotions that go into a de… [Read More]


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