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Blame Your Office Computer for Your Eye Strain. Also Blame Your Phone, Your TV, Your Tablet…

Lately, I've had some co-workers express concern for my well-being because I've been walking around the office with tears in my eyes. But it's not me that's sad--it's my EYES.   Like so many "office" jobs, mine requires hours spent staring at a computer screen-reading, typing, referencing databases, using the Internet. Computers are essential for conducting business. Unfortunately that dependence can come at a cost to the employees, especially when it comes to eye health. &n… [Read More]

You Should Be Blogging to Celebrate National Blog Posting Month

November is National Blog Posting Month. Seriously. Often abbreviated as NaBloPoMo, the month-long exercise launched in November 2006 as a way to celebrate the discipline of blog writing. So we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about why blogs are an increasingly important communications tool.   Before we talk about the benefits of blogs, let's talk about some common concerns about blogs that may be deterring you from jumping on the blog bandwagon:   Blogs a… [Read More]

Celebrate National Vegan Day and Celebrate Good Health Too!

Today is National Vegan Day, the first day of World Vegan Month, a month in celebration of the founding of the world's first Vegan Society on November 1, 1944. Veganism is not for everyone, and it can be a challenge! I was a happy ovo-lacto vegetarian until I developed lactose intolerance and had to give up all dairy. But I really came to appreciate the benefits of the vegan diet. But the only time I miss dairy is when there's pizza around. That heavenly smell! Pizza without cheese is … [Read More]


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