Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

The Necessity of Partnerships in mHealth (as in Most Things)

At the recent HIMMS mHealth Summit in National Harbor, MD, nothing was made clearer to me than the importance of partnerships when it comes to advancing mHealth. Partnerships should be forged not only among the likely stakeholders, but across disciplines and sectors. But first, what is mHealth? The "m," as you may suspect, stands for "mobile," making mHealth "the use of mobile and wireless devices to improve health outcomes, health care services and health research." I was mostly f… [Read More]

Rare Diseases Rarely Receive the Attention They Should—Let’s Change That

According to, there are currently almost 17,000 clinical studies for heart disease, more than 10,000 studies for diabetes, almost 6,000 studies for breast cancer, and more than 4,000 studies for leukemia. For decades, we have been raising money for research for some of the world's most common diseases. And it worked (although there is still work to be done). Many people are living longer because of what we have learned from clinical studies of these diseases. … [Read More]

Fishing for Your Health: There’s More to it Than You Might Think

I had a slightly non-traditional upbringing. I grew up in a place where a trip to the grocery store was a full day-long event and the closest mall was an hour and thirty-two minutes away without traffic. We had only two seasons, summer and cold fronts, which attributed to a frigid 70-degree January.  There was only one road with a single lane going north and a single lane going south, which coincidentally was the only thing that connected us to the continental United States. Yep, y… [Read More]


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