Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Responsibility for Good Doctor-Patient Communication Lies with Both Doctors and Patients

In a world where people are habitually trying to fit more responsibility into the same amount of hours--hours during which they are constantly connected to the world through mobile devices and other forms of technology--multitasking and disengagement in the present are becoming more of a new social norm. But what if this is the case when individuals are visiting their doctors? Are you engaged? As we know, communication is a two way street. How many times have you found yourself si… [Read More]

Raising Awareness of IBS Starts with a Change in Attitude

Irritable Bowel Syndrome--sounds kind of gross, doesn't it? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a taboo subject for that very reason. Many people have heard the term, but do not know what the condition entails and therefore just focus on the word "bowel," think it's yucky, and move on (I know I am guilty of that one). IBS is expected to occur in one out of every seven Americans, but most go undiagnosed. This is presumed for a variety of reasons, but a predominant cause is a lack of knowle… [Read More]

Drinking Water: Reaping the Benefits and Building Good Habits

The benefits of drinking water are an often discussed topic in the media. We're told to drink up because it's good for weight loss, it will clear up our skin, and more. Do an Internet search on the topic and you'll find countess reasons why you should drink more water. But after all of that, here's the bottom line: water is essential for every single cell in our bodies; it facilitates absorption of nutrients and helps expel toxins. We feel energized when we drink the water our body… [Read More]


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