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Gratitude: How It Affects Your Brain and Heart

Cultivating gratitude is part of my daily routine. I feel truly fortunate for all the wonderful moments and people in my life. There are many ways of cultivating gratitude-quick and easy ways that I described in a December 2014 blog post, "Three Ways of Cultivating Gratitude." Today, I want to dig a little deeper and examine gratitude and its health benefits. Our brain There is increased interest among neuroscientists in studying how gratitude-which can be considered a scientific… [Read More]

Dove’s New Campaign Challenges Women to #ChooseBeautiful

Last month I received two emails from friends, within about 30 minutes of each other that both said pretty much the same thing: Dove did it again. My friends were referring to Dove's latest installment of its Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem, which launched in 2004 with the Campaign for Real Beauty. The latest campaign, called Choose Beautiful, includes a video shot in Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo, and Delhi. In each city, Dove's masterminds placed signs above side-by-side … [Read More]

What It Means to Be Healthy: The Curious Case of KIND Bars

In my hand, right now, I hold a KIND bar. Okay, that's not true, I hold a once-frozen burrito but this morning, I held a KIND bar. I've eaten KIND bars since COSTCO started stocking them in bulk. Fortunately for me, I've read enough research studies to learn to mistrust much of the advertising statements on packaging. All I need to know is on the ingredients list and nutrition label. I try to know what all the ingredients are, how they're produced, and how a body will digest them. Thr… [Read More]


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