Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

The Organic Panic: Learning When to Splurge and When to Save

I grew up in a household where all of our groceries were organic. From vegetables to cleaning products to wine and everything in between, every purchase followed the golden rule that organic is better. We would make the hour-long drive to the nearest Whole Foods just to buy the things we only had the option of securing locally in their far less-superior inorganic counterparts. So naturally, when I moved out of my parents' home and started purchasing my own groceries, I was ecstatic to l… [Read More]

Our Picks for Top Health Communications News Stories in May

It can be challenging to keep up with all of the latest news about health care communications and health policy. Given that the health communication industry is rapidly evolving, there is always something new developing. In an effort to help you stay current on the latest and greatest health care communications news, we've created this highlight of stories from the month of May that we feel are deserving of your attention. Study suggests HIV medications should be given at time o… [Read More]

Remembering John and Alicia Nash: Brilliance, Sacrifice, Undeniable Courage, and the Devotion Caregivers Have for their Loved Ones with Mental Illness

I write this blog post with mixed emotions. Last week I was excited to learn that J&J received approval by the FDA for a new schizophrenia treatment option, INVEGA TRINZA™ (three-month paliperidone palmitate), marking the first and only schizophrenia medication to be administered four times a year. It's a major win for the mental health community and comes during National Mental Health Awareness Month-an opportune time if there ever was one. But meanwhile, this week, along wit… [Read More]


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