Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

The Missing Women in Medicine

Women comprise over half of the U.S. population; yet, until 1993, approximately zero percent of government-funded medical research was required to examine the way many different ways in which women and men are affected by illness, medicines, chemicals, treatments and more. For too many years, medical recommendations were based on the assumption that male bodies are the model body. Now, Ketchum has been enlisted to help the FDA Office of Women's Health change this. Although two decades have pas… [Read More]

The Difference between Dying from Cancer and Living with Cancer

The way we talk about cancer is outdated. It was this headline in a Vox article that caught my eye earlier this month. Wondering what it meant, I clicked (so yes, sometimes the clickbait on Vox works, quite effectively actually) and stumbled onto an article that has real-life parallels for me. My aunt has been sick--really sick--for about a year, with unexplained gastrointestinal issues that have caused her to lose a great deal of weight. Despite tests for nearly everything (includ… [Read More]

How You Can Reap the Benefits of Stress

I hold a job and am getting a graduate degree. A few days ago, upon talking to my class instructor, I got overwhelmed by stress. How am I going to update my assignment under a new deadline? Do I need to get up early and do school work before going to my job? As questions and ideas were rushing through my mind, I decided to look up information about stress. A TED Talk came up in my online search, and it has changed my view on stress and its role in our lives. Although we all face str… [Read More]


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