Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

The Underrepresentation of the LGBT Community in Health Care and Clinical Trials

For any of you devout Healthyist readers, you may have noticed that my blog posts come from a place of annoyance over my current social media news feeds, and one this is no different. Today, I am talking about a solid 75 percent of recent posts: Caitlyn Jenner. Why am I annoyed by this? Well, first, it is taking up the majority of my news feed, which is usually reserved for cute pictures of animals. However, and more importantly, it is showcasing how clearly misunderstood and underrepr… [Read More]

Becoming Patient #1 Part 1: The Healthyist Talks with T.J. Sharpe of

People participate in clinical trials for many reasons. Some do it because they feel it is their best treatment option. Some volunteer because they want to help others with the condition. Regardless of the reason, volunteering to participate in a clinical trial is a personal decision, one that we here at MMG deeply respect. The Healthyist staff was recently lucky enough to speak with T.J. Sharpe about his experience participating in a clinical trial and his decision to share his stor… [Read More]

Takeaways from DIA 2015

Over the past action-packed three days at DIA 2015, MMG enjoyed connecting with many fellow leaders in clinical research to share innovative ideas about how to bring new therapies to patients faster. Washington, D.C. provided a great backdrop for inspired thinking, and our team was proud to show off our distinctive city! In keeping with the conference theme of "Develop. Innovate. Advance." we were pleased with the enthusiasm around MMG's evolving recruitment solutions, suc… [Read More]


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