Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Leveraging Industry Conferences to Give Back to the Community

Pharmaceutical and health care conventions are full of booths giving away items in the hopes you'll remember their name. We've seen ice cream made in the blink of an eye, flash drives, t-shirts, pens, and much more. But for the third year in a row, here at MMG we've taken a different approach at the Annual DIA Meeting. At the MMG booth, for every business card received, MMG donated one stuffed animal to a child in the care of Children's National Health System in Washington, D.C. This… [Read More]

Using “Intimate Words” to Battle Cervical Cancer in Rural Mexico

What if you didn't have the words to tell your doctor what was bothering you? What if what was bothering you was considered taboo in your culture--something that you aren't supposed to talk about, even with your doctor? And what if the fact that you can't talk openly about this topic cost you your life? This is the case for many women in indigenous rural Mexican communities, where the most common cause of death among women is cervical cancer--a type of cancer that is both treatable an… [Read More]

Becoming Patient #1, Part 2: Advocating for Enhanced Education about Clinical Trials

The Healthyist staff was recently lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with T.J. Sharpe about his experience participating in a clinical trial and then subsequently taking that experience public and sharing his story with others. In part-2 of this series, we discuss what he thinks can help better educate the public about clinical trials. You can read part 1 here. What made you take your experience public? I had already been sharing my story with a large number of fami… [Read More]


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