Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

How the Right Words at the Right Time Can Make All the Difference

As a health communicator, I have made a career out of carefully crafting messaging to ensure that the right words are used to communicate to people about health-related topics. I aim to write materials that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. I espouse the use of plain language principles and am a health literacy champion. But I have never really given a great deal of thought about how the ability to communicate effectively about health is an equally important skill in everyda… [Read More]

National Yoga Awareness Month: More Than Just Positive Vibes

Usually when you hear about an "awareness month," it has to do with an unfortunate subject. Under-researched diseases, natural disasters, and global issues from oppressive governments to a lack of health care and life-sustaining resources monopolize the list. Although these are all causes very deserving of their own month, there are also a few lesser players who make up the awareness scene that don't necessarily have a ribbon but derive from a more positive place. Next month, for exampl… [Read More]

Color Me Calm: Art as Stress Therapy

We live in a new age of do it yourself (DIY), where the 16th most trafficked website in the United States is Pinterest. Creative outlets for amateurs have blossomed into a whole new marketplace, revamped businesses like Ball Corporation with the increased popularity of mason jars, and spurred a never-ending list of DIY-based blogs and websites. But what if painting, woodworking, and these time-consuming tasks aren't your speed? What ever happened to the days where an art project invol… [Read More]


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