Breakthrough Patient Recruitment

Custom Conversations

Custom Conversations

Empowering patients. Increasing enrollment.

The Custom Conversations™ online educational tool allows patients to ask study participation questions in their own words and receive contextually appropriate, approved pre-recorded video responses. The result is richer patient engagement, stronger comprehension, and greater confidence in study participation, delivered with the controls needed to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Enhanced online engagement and education platform
  • User-driven dialogue
  • Custom branding
  • Secure login
  • Mobile-friendly, 24/7 access
  • Educate patients, caregivers, health care providers
  • Aggregated session metrics reveal mindsets, preferences, and needs of patients and caregivers

Referral Finder™

Referral Finder

Real-time queries of more than 3.5 trillion health care claims records

MMG's Referral Finder™ services leverage MedFuse™, a proprietary integration of health care claims data, to connect with physicians treating your study-eligible patients.

  • 150 million lives, 1.6 million providers
  • Diagnosis, procedure, pharmacy data
  • 30-year longitudinal physician affiliation data
  • Full filter, query, and radius search capabilities
  • Daily updates flag new diagnoses

Our recruitment strategists have unprecedented desktop access to MedFuse™ to quantify study populations, sharpen outreach funnels, and prioritize outreach markets.

Clinical Reach

Clinical Reach

Global mobile site and patient engagement

MMG is bringing the next generation of mobile engagement to clinical trials with Clinical Reach. This patented technology delivers fresh content, providing the "stickiness" that curbs attrition. Integrated mobile apps deliver educational information, links to websites, videos, in-app alerts, and surveys, all with multi-lingual capabilities. Relevant, country-specific content increases site interactions with study patients and keeps participants' attention while decreasing site effort and burden.

  • Innovative technology
  • Global availability
  • Real-time surveys, videos, and updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Tools to ensure protocol compliance and medication adherence
  • Powering Apple® and Android™ devices

MMG ClinKit™

MMG ClinKit™

Study information at your fingertips

Smartphones are becoming an essential tool of clinical operations, and leveraging their use to facilitate recruitment maximizes sponsors' return on investment.

MMG ClinKit™ is a smartphone application developed and maintained by MMG, Inc. that serves as a reference tool for health care providers involved in a clinical research study. The app provides study staff with centralized access to all physician-facing, study-related information on their mobile devices.

  • Study-branded user interface
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Multi-protocol access
  • Search and sharing functionality
  • In-app alerts for amendments and protocol changes
  • Powering Apple® and Android™ devices

For more information or a private demonstration of any of our innovations please contact Helen West.

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